Mary LaForge is the award-winning author of HOW I ESCAPED FROM BLOODY HELL: X-PLORING FREEDOM (ESC), a postmodern mashup of metaphysical insights, and a Nikola Tesla paradigm, all stirred up together with a pinch of scripture. She has written five books. ESC-IT and PHph are forthcoming.

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German language (Excerpt Only) Coming May 2021

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Not circular, although life can sometimes feel like we are on a hamster-like treadmill going pretty much nowhere, I discovered that simplicity begets clarity. As a writing reference I use the elements of fire and earth and also offer biblical expressions to clarify ideas where needed. I don’t have to teach you anything new or old because we are all essentially teaching ourselves.


Body Mind Spirit

What ESC (and most of my writing) is about and who it is for:

  • An expansive passenger-seat ride for you, rather than any how-to activities
  • A look at the universe I thought I knew, and sharing my personal growth findings
  • Mostly for a curious, non-scholarly reader who is open to a bit of cosmic consciousness

If you enjoy mingling accepted perspectives with revolutionary new thought, ESC is for you.

Excerpted comment from book review:

Fascinating… [ESC] is unlike anything I have ever read… I definitely think that this is a good read for anyone who wants to be exposed to different perspectives on the universe itself and how humans interact with it all!

— Thomas Anderson, Literary Titan

I read your book. Although I found parts of it hard to understand, overall, I gained a sense of spiritual connectedness I had never felt before. I had never been aware of the concept that the closest anyone can be to our Creator is when they are being creative! That’s so encouraging and helped me cherish my journaling times more than ever. I even felt inspired to write a parody song, and applied to get it copyrighted. It has all been a very spiritual enlightening experience.

— Linda Edwards, Journalist